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Made 8 deals worth $7 850

aciba22 | 850$ | youtube: "Sehss Anmishan":
Thank you, nice to deal with you
aciba22 | 550$ | youtube: "خبر يهمك":
super excellent customer
aciba22 | 1200$ | youtube: "Sess Bomb":
A serious customer to buy and his dates are fixed and regular
aciba | 1600$ | youtube: "معرفة | Knowledge":
He is a serious and careful buyer
HappyBoi | 350$ | youtube: "IcedTea":
The buyer was cool but he did become rude at one point due to overlooking channel details. There also was some confusion when it came to how I was going to buy the channel. He wanted to buy in crypto which is fine but I wish he let me know beforehand. Overall, a smooth transaction with a few bumps.
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