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I am nawab akther I sell monetized YouTube Channels Safe deal through Escrow agent I have AdSense change on watch time complete channel Unlimited fresh monetized channels Shorts channels on any niche just text me and get your channels

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Made 219 deals worth $32 710

welyam | 149$ | youtube: "The Braintica":
After I posted a video on the channel that did NOT violate youtube rules in ANY way. the channel got banned. I appealed, and as it turned out it wasn't my fault! It was banned because the seller had a blocked channel and because of that the one he gave me was banned. The seller says it's not his fault. Then he said he would file some kind of appeal, and after that he just ignored me. He never gave me my money back
Pilz | 6$ | youtube: "InFarNo Gaming":
Fantastic experience with Nawab07'Fwas extremely helpful and responsive, going above and beyond to ensure I got exactly what I needed. The product quality was top-notch, and the shipping was lightning fast. I highly recommend Nawab07 to anyone looking for a reliable YouTube account seller! 5 stars and well deserved! Keep up the great work, Nawab07!
VIP_SELLER | 299$ | youtube: "The Icon ":
VIP_SELLER | 350$ | youtube: "Dipanjoy Baishnab ":
Alexcold123 | 299$ | youtube: "Trending Shorts":
Legit seller good prices
VIP_SELLER | 330$ | youtube: "Electro shastra":
Good seller
Selling Top | 299$ | youtube: "Kamran,,":
Thank my friend
diepquantv | 149$ | youtube: "Sana Isamic Shorts":
enthusiastic seller.
Ethanleex7 | 129$ | youtube: "Fitness Hub":
Amazing seller answered all my questions because this is my first time buying a channel he is very nice I recommend buying from him if your interested in buying a channel
mglumaw | 79$ | youtube: "Viral shorts":
Best seller.
andreyln17 | 370$ | youtube: "NanoNebula":
good man. nice to work
koreayang | 49$ | youtube: "My Cat":
yngfxh | 450$ | youtube: "Rider UK101":
Good seller, recommended
diepquantv | 59$ | youtube: "Fouji Lovers ":
enthusiastic seller
diepquantv | 89$ | youtube: "Aima Kitchen Secret":
good service. enthusiastic seller
Tier Gamer | 290$ | youtube: "CHHEAN Official ":
Muhammed kamran is one of the best sellers here. He is always following up on transitions. He is also a very good and polite person. You will be happy to buy from him. I will also be buying more channels from him. thanks again brother.
cain100 | 49$ | youtube: "Unique items ":
Great response time and good account
Yt Network | 350$ | youtube: "Rider UK10":
Good buyer, good behave all ok
MatteoD | 80$ | youtube: "ABDUL hadi":
Muhammed Kamran is very serious and extremely quick to respond. He seems to be always online and available. I will definitely buy more channels from him in the future and I recommend him to anyone who, like me, is new to this experience. He answers all questions and makes you feel secure.
Qendra | 89$ | youtube: "Tech vlog":
Very satisfied. definitely recommend it
VIP_SELLER | 750$ | youtube: "BIG BRO":
Good seller
VIP_SELLER | 749$ | youtube: "Craze S":
Good seller
VIP_SELLER | 125$ | youtube: "I need cap":
Very nice to do business with. I recommend!
di277az | 800$ | youtube: "Hyper03 Rider":
Good friend and kindly
VIP_SELLER | 440$ | youtube: "Asif Facts":
Very nice to do business with. I recommend!
Jaxsonomar | 89$ | youtube: "Dream Chasers":
AnTonio0999 | 49$ | youtube: "Avenger IQ":
It’s good
LR4321 | 89$ | youtube: "luxurious world":
serious and honest seller! everything went very well
Wisdom25 | 49$ | youtube: " KICK AVENGER":
The seller was very polite and patient
Mutengi | 99$ | youtube: "Inner Motivation":
Excellent communication skills. I got all of my questions answered. helped me with all the challenges I was facing. Great seller.
Oumao | 99$ | youtube: "Mkd gaming":
Friendly seller, enthusiastic to help complete the transaction, immediately and quickly
burns | 80$ | youtube: "Really Tools":
Nice deal man perfect one. i pick you next time for my project
Unknown | 69$ | youtube: "RekaNing":
Very helpful for someone who has never used this site before!
Rradnid | 130$ | youtube: "avengerG8":
tuku998 | 89$ | youtube: "Healthy Cooking":
It was a pleasure doing business with him, he answered all my needs and was very helpful. The process and everything went well all safe
Ziganu | 79$ | youtube: "Game Changer TV":
It was a pleasure doing business with him, he answered all my needs and was very helpful. Everything went very well
Skyline66 | 79$ | youtube: "Optimal Health":
The seller is really excellent, patient and ready to help you if necessary. Recommended to purchase with this seller because what he sells is real.
amacojoe | 219$ | youtube: "Travel Wonders":
Smooth transition, perfect
ChrisNw | 79$ | youtube: "Food Hub":
Rura20 | 79$ | youtube: "Healthy LifeStyle":
Excellent seller! Communication was great, and the whole process went smoothly. I'm happy with the channel, and I highly recommend this seller. Great job!
Louaywar | 79$ | youtube: "Luxury Planet":
Best seller 💪🏻💪🏻
lonewolf | 79$ | youtube: "History Unearthed":
An excellent seller! Communication and payment processing A+++
CR2023 | 79$ | youtube: "Historic Haven":
I'm happy with the seller. He communicates well.
renegad1stv | 79$ | youtube: "Sports And Fitness":
Great deal. Very quick response
Unknown | 99$ | youtube: "Body Base ":
todays movie | 79$ | youtube: "Body Hub":
The seller is very kind and teach me everything because i dont know how to change adsense to my existing adsense he is very patience and professional! You guys should buy from this guy. I own a movie recap channel called todays movie recap so im risking the channels reputation for this guy. recommended!
Pacuk | 79$ | youtube: "Billionaire Lifestye":
Was what i expected
ossy123 | 89$ | youtube: "Dream Chasers":
Great seller and product
gyrotron | 89$ | youtube: "Pro Motivation":
Great deal. Very quick response
Kwright170 | 79$ | youtube: "KPopWaveHub":
I loveeee it!!!!!!
nanstock333 | 79$ | youtube: "Pet Planet":
Seller has been great! Answered all of my questions! First time purchasing on this site so he had to walk me through a few steps. Will definitely buy again!
Far15 | 79$ | youtube: "Food Hub":
Great service and accomodating with payment method
tomboy | 79$ | youtube: "Food Flavours":
crovella | 79$ | youtube: "News and Gossip":
Very good seller,
ADAM CHOI | 89$ | youtube: "Cooking Food":
Best Seller I've ever met. He is quick and kind.
AkhterKSA | 89$ | youtube: "Passive Income":
Great Seller very smooth transaction
jad237 | 79$ | youtube: "Luxuroius world":
rafaelq302 | 79$ | youtube: "Money Motivation":
Johannanas | 79$ | youtube: "Dream Chasers":
Very nice Seller, very kind and patient. Also great service ! Thnk you so much :D
Xoxmoney | 79$ | youtube: "Money Mastery":
The seller was very professional .This is my first time buying a you tube channel i intend to do repeat business with the seller .Defiantly recommended
Rees | 79$ | youtube: "Luxurious Palace":
Good to work with
Rees | 79$ | youtube: "Top 10":
Rees | 89$ | youtube: "Science of Money":
Really helpful and efficient. Thank you
akhtashi | 89$ | youtube: "Food Recipes":
Smooth transaction
T_M_C | 89$ | youtube: "Billionaire Motivation":
This seller was quick to respond and very helpful. I was new to purchasing a channel and needed some guidance and patience, There was some minor admin problems which he was prompt to guide me through and fix the issues. I would recommend him. 👍👍👍👍👍
Frankcash | 79$ | youtube: "Luxury Planet":
JamesBarthon | 79$ | youtube: "ProMotion Sports":
+rep clean account recommend
darkblue | 99$ | youtube: "Empower Hub":
Reliable, trustworthy, great guy to do business with. He is willing to answer all questions, as well as help you with anything, once the transaction has been completed.
Kakah | 79$ | youtube: "Billionaire Lifestyle":
Nawab is a very genuine guy. He made this transaction so smooth without any hurdles. Explained everything along the way and was ready to answer any questions that I had. Do not hesitate to purchase from him at all.
csquared | 79$ | youtube: "Abundance Thinking":
I am happy with the channel I bought from this seller.
TheLove4Life | 89$ | youtube: "Fit & Fabulous":
Channel was what I was looking for, and dealing with seller was good service, I recommend
JamesBarthon | 89$ | youtube: "Money Motivation":
+rep best seller i've bought a channel from so far
hard49 | 60$ | youtube: "Your Finance":
The buyer made this quick and easy. Channel was exactly as advertised. Ni hiccups or BS during the process.
Genius01 | 80$ | youtube: "BEAUTY TECH STAR":
Seller is very cooperative responsive and solve your issues He is ready to work on changes
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