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Convenient and safe: Telegram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram accounts sale with Accs-Market.com!

Accs-Market.Com exchange is the largest platform for buying and selling accounts, groups, channels and pages on social networks. The extensive functionality of the service provides the convenience of search and security of buying and selling lots. Buying or selling accounts via Accs-market is safe and convenient! A wide range of groups for sale and a large base of professional buyers and sellers - it is your chance to make a profitable deal!

Are you a buyer?

Here you can quickly buy an account or channel in Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram. A convenient ad search filter can help you find what you need within couple of minutes. You are provided with the most complete information, which will help you make a quick decision. Parsing the name and number of group subscribers when you add a sale ad allows customers to see valid numbers. We provide a guarantee of reregistration of the group and its receipt with the creator's account. You are protected against possible fraud by the seller with the verification service (ensuring the seller's posession of the group). When adding an ad, a special code is generated; later the seller has to place this code in his group. There is a mark confirming the passed verification next to such ads. This feature helps the buyer to exclude scammers.

Are you a seller?

Do you want to sell a group, channel, account or page? Huge audience of our site is a guarantee of fast and more profitable sale. You can add your ad in a few seconds. Our parser will help you in this task - it can fill in the basic information for you. We guarantee full protection against fraud by means of preliminary reservation of funds (the guarantor of the service specially adapted for purchase/sale of accounts).


  • guarantee of security and transparency of the transaction, arbitration if necessary
  • an adequate commission in the case of a transaction with the use of the guarantor
  • instructions for the transfer of a group, transaction support
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