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Made 70 deals worth $31 805

Khaccie | 40$ | fb: "Celebrity gist":
Fast and helped out through each step
fnwbrands | 40$ | fb: "":
Seller was excellent on communication, smooth process! Thank you!
salesman_q | 110$ | youtube: "Liann":
Everything was fine, thanks for the deal.
SellerDobro | 149$ | youtube: "Yuda - Brawl Stars":
4c_drip | 85$ | in: "Amazing Arts":
King_Seller | 120$ | youtube: "Falcon":
CHEAPmontiz | 80$ | youtube: "Binarika Art - චිත්‍ර නිර්මාණ":
Highly Recommended best buyr amd seller. Thanks bro. සුපිරි බ්‍රෝ..good buyer and seller A+++++++
CHEAPmontiz | 80$ | youtube: "A4 කඩදාසි අත්වැඩ":
Very good best honest seller 2deal done...thank you brother . Highly recommended seller
123qq123 | 350$ | youtube: "Frayo entertainment":
Everything is fine.
xubuntu | 7000$ | youtube: "Celebs Air":
Everything went well with me and this seller. He answered my questions, helped through out the process. His channels (at least so far) look and are indeed legit and as described. I can say nothing bad about him or the channels. It was hard to believe that there is no fraud involved, but so far everything looks perfect.
James332 | 110$ | youtube: "meg":
Nice to deal with u u help me a lot from a to z i did not know anything about this transaction thanks so much we will deal again soon or late
Best_Seller | 450$ | youtube: "SantaKhmer":
Good man
Aixory | 400$ | youtube: "King Jeff":
Great and Friendly Seller, It was very hard and scary for me since it's my first time buying something with that amount of money but the seller always kept me calm and explained everything to me trusted and a very good person, very recommended! a huge thanks to the escrow agent and to Michael John, thanks for the amazing service.
triplee | 40$ | youtube: "TresE":
mti_eg | 50$ | fb: "Группы Facebook":
It a good service and a good administrator
Roudik | 450$ | youtube: "ENTERTAINMENT HOME":
Very good!
scotty34543 | 170$ | youtube: "Technical QA":
Good seller
LinusMagnola | 40$ | fb: "Группы Facebook":
Very good seller, transferred group as discussed. I will be back again to buy from him
Best_Seller | 300$ | youtube: "Music Now":
Happy and safe transaction
reyance | 300$ | youtube: "Entertainment world ":
Amazing trust worthy guy perfect
tylrhas | 25$ | youtube: "health gaming":
Very nice and good person to deal with. Has patience and trustable! I’ll wil buying more for sure from him!
harryjustin | 6000$ | youtube: "celebs air":
Very communicated and friendly seller.
Best.seller | 15$ | in: "__matesboxx":
Best.seller | 15$ | in: "__matesboox":
Bksmaulz | 300$ | youtube: "Entertainment World":
I had a great experience with this seller. He is highly professional, easy going, patient and honest. Without a doubt, I can confidently; and strongly recommend him.
rasmus | 200$ | fb: "Группы Facebook":
Fantastic transaction! Got exactly the Facebook group I ordered and I got it quickly aswell! Will definetly buy again, from this seller!
userx019 | 600$ | youtube: "De Entertainment":
Good seller
wiirred | 250$ | fb: "God's Servants":
Easy to work with
PARTHIBAN | 78$ | youtube: "Mr godwin":
Nice seller.. Really good man.. I 100% recommend this seller for buying new channels
yozar | 20$ | youtube: "Bad Catain":
Awesome person, he know what he's doing. Smooth transaction +++++++
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