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Name: King Seller
Phone number: +1 307 278 92 98
Skype: Instagram/ king_sellerr
Facebook: not provided
Telegram: @King_Seller96

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Made 132 deals worth $30 913

LUISS_ULARIU | 239$ | youtube: "Gilbi":
Very good
Byrnaaw | 120$ | youtube: "Byrnaax":
vladddddd | 450$ | youtube: "Владюша":
Trusted seller
Qendra | 230$ | youtube: "Cars Crash":
Good seller. I highly recommend this seller.
jayruck | 49$ | youtube: "Gilbi-Minecraft":
He was precise and to the point, Got right down to business
Yeuryc9 | 99$ | youtube: "Rublan Play":
Awesome seller
Team Code_X | 300$ | youtube: "Mr. SDL Fact":
Wow, Nice Dealing.
ajaysingh | 60$ | youtube: "TheSnowWolf Gaming":
Great expericence, thanks.
ytpara333 | 109$ | youtube: "cold zakat":
Great seller. Trust worthy and channels are quality! Would definitely recommend working with seller.
garry_01 | 499$ | youtube: "AlsoNoah":
Wow is the best seller
tribue | 309$ | youtube: "Vanya":
Super ok
noah0104yt | 350$ | youtube: " NoahPlays":
very nice and all good
noah0104yt | 350$ | youtube: "AlsoNoah":
very nice and all good
Scrimx | 215$ | youtube: "TeoHD":
Great service, nice guy. Helped me a lot!
trufactory | 35$ | youtube: "HelloMine":
Good seller ^^
Blackweps | 179$ | youtube: "King 4":
Serious Person and honest
Selling Top | 350$ | youtube: "Cute Cat":
Let's trade with him he is very reputable
Selling Top | 350$ | youtube: "Santa Blog":
Don't worry he's a good guy let's trade with him
Selling Top | 350$ | youtube: "Tige":
Thank you good friend Fast transaction
laenser4 | 129$ | youtube: "Cat 1":
Good seller
JayHicksYT | 499$ | youtube: "Super Sonic":
Easy and Quick Deal, Very Responsive seller. Highly recommended!!!
프릭스67 | 55$ | youtube: "Gamer 2":
good deal
프릭스67 | 65$ | youtube: "Gamer 1":
good deal
ranasalman | 359$ | youtube: "Game":
Very good seller i got the channel direct after payment so very trustworthy and good service from the seller
Вова | 70$ | youtube: "A4 Life":
Very fast and nice
ennadifi | 230$ | youtube: "Pinki                                          .":
This dude is high tier. Extremely reliable and honest. Will buy from again
pnikolaev1 | 119$ | youtube: "Pro Sjjad":
Best seller!
DADDYW | 169$ | youtube: "Ripper":
Good seller)
23botnari | 399$ | youtube: "Johan Standoff 2":
Simple. No stress. Positive atitude.Fast af. Good guy with good intentions!!!
cryptomatt | 599$ | youtube: "PREKAS":
Fast and good!
StevieClean | 449$ | youtube: "MR MINE":
Awesome dude. He makes it very easy to buy. I would recommend 100%
DADDYW | 65$ | youtube: "Rowel":
DADDYW | 527$ | youtube: "gLobal CS:GO":
All good
mastergoku55 | 149$ | youtube: "Cute Cat":
Awesome first time experience
lordshugga | 139$ | youtube: "Bladify":
He is a very trusted seller and also very patient
ennadifi | 139$ | youtube: "King 09":
Thank you. good seller, I will buy again soon, very friendly seller!
Best_Seller | 500$ | youtube: "Best Gamer":
Brazem3 | 219$ | youtube: "Baber":
The best seller ever he have good communication and everything
Krollix | 429$ | youtube: "Xenia":
Good and easy transaction
PauloRICARDO | 229$ | youtube: "Niki47":
king , is a great seller , attentive , I was a little suspicious at first but soon after he showed professionalism at work and everything went well
Privates | 460$ | youtube: "thenectarinee ":
Amazing and trusted seller, he explained to me everything I wanted to know and very recommended if you're new to this website and want a good channel. Always active and answer all the questions!
Nami12138 | 199$ | youtube: "Eloks":
This is a time-honored and trustworthy seller, although waiting for 10 days to complete the transaction, but the seller was very patient to guide me as a novice, it was a very pleasant experience
visnjabog | 49$ | youtube: "minerS7":
Very clear and positive seller My recommendation ??✅✅✅
Henry10019 | 399$ | youtube: "King of Games":
King_seller is one of the best sellers on this site, very helpful in the transaction. I will be buying from this seller again.
vladddddd | 450$ | youtube: "Тнтешник":
Trusted seller
zinocreedez | 1000$ | youtube: "KIng":
Did 2 deals 1 without escrow, you can trust this seller!
MrEndYT | 169$ | youtube: "Lesli":
Trusted Seller!
Mann13 | 140$ | youtube: "Фанти":
Good seller, I will buy from again soon, very friendly seller!!
Logano | 399$ | youtube: "HET_4ELOBEKA":
Great seller with fair prices. It’s always a smooth transaction with King Seller!
d | 149$ | youtube: "Aqeel Tech":
The Seller was very transparent, informative and helpful! The transaction went smoothly and I look forward to working with them in the future on acquiring more channels. If you are looking for a great and reliable experience. Then buy from King_Seller! He is truly the King here! It was my first transaction here and he made the process friendly and easy. He will answer questions quickly, provide insight and ensure the process goes smooth.
Logano | 149$ | youtube: "TenderFloret":
Very good seller, will buy from again soon.
MaxTheSeller | 399$ | youtube: "Hagi vagi":
I really like this seller. Made successful deals with him and he's a honest person. I really like this and that's why I'm willing to make more deals with him in the future. Thank you for your honest work :)
Ben_Pham | 154$ | youtube: "Виня":
This seller was very helpful and patient, helped me through the process with ease. They were also available through telegram for faster communication
cmoonlight | 289$ | youtube: "GRINYA":
Seller delivered as promise and had absolutely no issues even paying in crypto. Received both channels. Will order again in the future!
SurekTV | 69$ | youtube: "BS Qwertyk":
Good seller
SurekTV | 550$ | youtube: "YOLO HOUSE":
Serious seller! Thank you for the deal
Preben93 | 159$ | youtube: "Danik Real Game":
Would buy again from this seller
romangero | 279$ | youtube: "Maveyn":
It's great, the best seller on the page, if you want you can deal with him directly, without the need of the page, since he is 100% reliable, and that way you save money
wireboy22 | 100$ | youtube: "zuzupukpuk":
Good seller :)
SurekTV | 450$ | youtube: "TIK TOK FREE FIRE":
hakrol | 149$ | youtube: "Microsoft Excel and Technical Info":
Great transaction, he was 100% legit and helped me through the process
braach | 144$ | youtube: "EG":
Serious seller! Thank you for the deal
Duvalflorida | 69$ | youtube: "Cloud SHORTS":
Seller was very helpful closing deal
JohnBoy1990 | 239$ | youtube: "King Games":
Good Seller!! It was a great experience and I am Happy to deal with you..
koazify | 219$ | youtube: "Geometric":
Trust worthy seller, fast in replying!
Manish13 | 139$ | youtube: "Ranis ":
Good Seller!! It was a great experience and I am Happy to deal with you..
dejvid | 170$ | youtube: "Yav":
Good deal with nice guy :)
userx019 | 210$ | youtube: "KarniVol":
codita | 749$ | youtube: "Фьюми Minecraft":
Very nice and fast delivery of the account I bought!
jbisim22 | 79$ | youtube: "Raman Teach":
It was a great experience to deal with you. A good man.
Mecidoff | 569$ | youtube: "Ранис":
I am very pleased to work with him, he took good care of us throughout this process.
userx019 | 249$ | youtube: "King Games":
beamlol | 300$ | youtube: "King Seller":
No issues at all, highly recommend this seller! :)
beamlol | 279$ | youtube: "Cute Cat":
I really recommend this seller, I've done many deals with him and he's one of the best sellers I've worked with. 100% recommend.
beamlol | 550$ | youtube: "King Seller":
I really recommend this seller, I've done many deals with him and he's one of the best sellers I've worked with. 100% recommend.
Trader888 | 149$ | youtube: "Hope Talk's":
One of the best to deal with! 10/10!! thanks!!
Nice seller | 120$ | youtube: "Falcon":
A very good person, transaction was successful
wannaride1 | 219$ | youtube: "King Games":
This transaction was so smooth and the seller was very helpful. I had no idea what i was doing and he help me through every step, even after the sale of the channel. I cant wait to start posting to youtube and make youtube a full time job. I will buy more channels from his seller. Thanks again.
blackpen11 | 700$ | youtube: "ROSSE GAMER":
doganogz | 50$ | youtube: "King Seller":
$1050 worth of channels bought
Rasheid | 199$ | youtube: "King of Games":
Seller was awesome and patient, assisted me right throughout the process, exchanged channel with me to resolve my issue
yta2022 | 129$ | youtube: "Mariwan Pc":
Smooth transaction and very helpful seller, he walked me through the process as I was a noob
Indooz | 179$ | youtube: "King of Games":
Easy and Quick Deal, Very Responsive seller. HIghly recommended
lifco | 129$ | youtube: "Tech No.17":
Great seller, very helpful would buy from again thanks
Trader888 | 129$ | youtube: "ALEFIM":
Excellent Seller! would deal with again, thanks!! A++++++
beamlol | 500$ | youtube: "King ":
Quick and easy! Would recommend this seller.
KammoRambo | 89$ | youtube: "MR SHORTS ":
Seller is very legit, used escrow agent to get the deal done. Communication was spot on and made it very easy. I highly suggest.
userx019 | 300$ | youtube: "Dobrovolsky":
userx019 | 250$ | youtube: "M Gaming":
Heri168 | 49$ | youtube: "Dimych":
Seller, very good communication. Im newbie but, seller try to explain all how to transaction. Best
baktisetiadi | 89$ | youtube: "King of Games":
Good Seller
blackpen11 | 350$ | youtube: "Shkiper847":
prestige, enthusiasm
duitopls | 299$ | youtube: "Nina Vloger ":
Trader888 | 119$ | youtube: "Lawin Teach":
Great Seller, nice to deal with, highly recommended! thanks! A+++++
EvgenyLeon | 27$ | youtube: "НАЖМИ ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ":
An excellent buyer, very pleasant to talk to, he helped with some issues, best of the best. I recommend working with him!
GS1198 | 15$ | youtube: "DS Brawl Stars":
Great Deal
GoodGold | 35$ | youtube: "Grufy":
abady3dm | 200$ | youtube: "David Gaming":
Great ? service fully recommend visiting again
roshel123 | 80$ | youtube: "Ranaveera Academy":
Very ttrusted recommended great seller and buyer....thanks mariwan ? #recommended ??
ffsuk10 | 130$ | youtube: "Mariwan Pc":
A very good professional helped me all the way, reliable. I recommend.
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