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Made 7 deals worth $5 271

Ediiz | 1500$ | youtube: "Factopia":
It was pleasure for me to work with him. Momo 26 is very decent person. Even there was mistake from my side. But he ignored it. Will definitely want to work with him again.
RehanAhmad | 1900$ | youtube: "данон":
Good, cooperative & so kind.👉 We will be making more deals in future for sure.
Hellish | 1450$ | youtube: "ARTEMIKS":
Fast buyer, completed the transaction in a couple of minutes without delay. I love such punctual people who know what they want. Good luck with using the channel, I hope for further cooperation! :)
wagggi | 79$ | youtube: "Jekahna":
Selling Top | 149$ | youtube: "Joined Jun 3, 2009":
Thank my friend
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