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Made 192 deals worth $25 148

gl1fy | 15$ | youtube: "Aged ⓴ 2009":
Legit and easy guy to work with
Khan2611 | 10$ | youtube: "Aged ⓬ 2007":
Great guy to deal with
Khan2611 | 10$ | youtube: "Aged 💥 2006":
andriychik | 65$ | youtube: "Vision Vault":
Best investment, thank you for your cooperation, reliable seller. I will come back)))
andriychik | 65$ | youtube: "Dream Drift":
Great seller with great channels. I will buy again)
Khan2611 | 10$ | youtube: "Aged ♑ 2008":
Khan2611 | 10$ | youtube: "Aged ⚛️ 2008":
You really impressed me bro get ready for the next deal kindly reply me once you receive my msg thanks
Khan2611 | 10$ | youtube: "Aged ♉ 2009":
Long live brother and stay in touch with me I don't want to miss you
Khan2611 | 12$ | youtube: "Aged ☯️ 2009":
I would like to salute the honesty of this guy (yt shop) this was my first ever online deal He didn't disappoint me guide me like a teacher and gave me the channel I bought without any hesitation I recommend this guy to everyone don't hesitate in any deal
ProductionX | 10$ | youtube: "Ayesha Tech":
Fast and good. thanks
ProductionX | 10$ | youtube: "Aged ♈ 2006":
Fast and good. thanks
Jayxparlay | 45$ | tiktok: "مرشد جی 786":
raskolebla | 490$ | youtube: "Trading Academy":
ackowski | 69$ | youtube: "Technical Amir":
Always nice to deal with this seller!
Mohammad al | 225$ | youtube: "Tech Tales":
The supporting team is a good team. And reliable. And I bought it from them. They did not miss the time or appointment and there was no need to worry.
raskolebla | 25$ | youtube: "Motivate Mania":
raskolebla | 25$ | youtube: "Tech Inspire":
Best seller in the world!
ackowski | 69$ | youtube: "Technical Ehsan":
ReadytoStart | 69$ | youtube: "Technical Hadley":
Fast, Good and Honest 5/5
ReadytoStart | 69$ | youtube: "Technical Cameron":
Fast, Good and Honest 5/5
raskolebla | 70$ | youtube: "Tech 06":
raskolebla | 70$ | youtube: "Tech 07":
Best seller in the world🔥
raskolebla | 25$ | youtube: "Tech 04":
raskolebla | 25$ | youtube: "Tech 09":
Top seller)))
Madgod | 65$ | youtube: "Muneeb Tech":
raskolebla | 75$ | youtube: "Tech Blaze":
usa | 1000$ | youtube: "max hamid 2v":
I trust this seller very much and would like to recommend it to everyone. This seller is a very nice person.
phantom_rain | 60$ | youtube: "Technical Zain":
Geart seller
Ro | 75$ | youtube: "Ramzan Tech 2":
Un servicio excelente. Me ha brindado información en todo el proceso. Recomendado 100%
Анвар | 900$ | youtube: "Palandri Vlog":
Harika bir satıcı
Romnin | 75$ | youtube: "Sania Tv":
Good Seller ;)
ijfllc | 69$ | youtube: "Nexa Tech":
raskolebla | 75$ | youtube: "Tech 01":
This is the best channel seller! and the most honest! I accidentally sent him $1500 instead of 150$ and he himself wrote to me and pointed out the mistake and sent the funds back! you can trust him 100%
dorysoff | 749$ | youtube: "Techno Fast":
Great seller thank you
SirioB | 60$ | youtube: "Tech Craze":
Excellent service, punctual and professional, I recommend it! He also helped me with configurations after I became the channel owner. Trust him 5 STAR
phantom_rain | 55$ | youtube: "Tech Vibe":
Good seller
raskolebla | 75$ | youtube: "Techno Crafts":
best seller always helps in solving problems does everything quickly and efficiently
raskolebla | 75$ | youtube: "Tech Rise":
best seller always helps in solving problems does everything quickly and efficiently
Demijansen02 | 75$ | youtube: "Whiz Tech":
Really amazing fast and helpfull 5/5
EclipsoNN | 75$ | youtube: "Nano Tech":
All good
EclipsoNN | 75$ | youtube: "Tech Axe":
Good seller
Crocdimond | 155$ | youtube: "Sara Tech":
Good and easy
lightnig | 65$ | youtube: "Tech How":
Very very kind and helpful seller, was very nice and helped me even after the deal. It was a pleasure!
raskolebla | 75$ | youtube: "Technical Adnan":
polite and kind in communication, it was a pleasure to deal with him
Za_Mike | 299$ | youtube: "Tech Wave":
I will rate seller as as 5 star service provider. He is very honest, punctual and quick service provider. He was very helpful during the whole procedure and was very user friendly. You can go and deal with him without any issues. Best wishes.
hetooturnt | 75$ | youtube: "Tech Xplore":
Great service
dimas11 | 1450$ | youtube: "Technical Ikram":
Лучший продавец каналов ютуб!)
son_ghoku | 70$ | youtube: "Teaching Tips":
"Big thanks to the YouTube seller for an amazing purchase experience! I'm thrilled with my new content, and your service was outstanding. Keep up the great work!"
Mercy_Angel | 75$ | youtube: "Enzay Tech":
This mans helped me a lot and didn't get mad a gem to me recommended by me a lot thank you <3
danielp | 199$ | youtube: "Wise Tech":
Great seller. Always a smooth process buying from him. Bought multiple times.
jaber939 | 85$ | youtube: "Fox Tech":
I had a great experience with seller. Very smooth and easy transaction. Seller was very helpful and quick to respond. I highly recommend
vinicius360 | 149$ | youtube: "Tech Trends":
Very Good! Seller is honest and good at communicating. I look forward to buying more accounts in the future!
1331 | 149$ | youtube: "Technical Irfan":
Very friendly seller
wezone | 60$ | youtube: "Tech Max":
Absolutely loved my first experience of buying a channel, this guy will answer all of your questions, If I am buying any channel in near future I will only be buying from him. Totally recommend you to buy from him. I had asked more than 100 questions from him and he happily replied to all of them which shows his excellence, Thank you YT SHOP, I hope we will deal again for a channel in the future
jasamoa | 155$ | youtube: "Handy Tech":
Great seller!
Za_Mike | 140$ | youtube: "Faraz Tech":
I will rate seller as as 5 star service provider. He is very honest, punctual and quick service provider. He was very helpful during the whole procedure and was very user friendly. You can go and deal with him without any issues.
BV23 | 180$ | youtube: "Zapo Tech":
Helpful and respectful
Kems | 155$ | youtube: "Ahmed Tech":
My first time buying a YouTube channel! It was overall a great experience with the seller, the escrow service is top notch. I’m excited to see how well the channel will perform.
IBRAR48 | 140$ | youtube: "Technical Irfan":
I will appreciate the seller as he fulfilled the commitments and specially his way of explanation of all the procedures is commendable as i was new here. Hopefully will contact in future if needed. Thanks
rahmannoddle | 149$ | youtube: "Nature Uncut":
Was very helpful and professional, help me through the entire process basically.
LettyRo | 75$ | youtube: "Teaching Leo":
Fast and honest seller. Good quality channels. I highly recommend.
Mhpaisa01 | 199$ | youtube: "Ayesha Tech":
Amazing great customer service! Very honest and trustworthy man! Not to mention spectacular and amazing prices!! Will not let you begin the transaction unless you have all your questions answered and are completely sure of purchasing his channel(s)! Will undoubtfully purchase another channel from him in the future!
geohoward | 199$ | youtube: "Technical Yasir":
Great seller, very patient and helpful. Reachable after the sale too, for peace of mind. Would buy from again.
Rolandpicari | 199$ | youtube: "Tech 22":
Great Seller, Recommended.
ALJOHMANY | 55$ | youtube: "Teaching Extra":
A very distinguished seller, I highly recommend dealing with him
jonbing | 2950$ | youtube: "Technical Rizwan":
Great seller, cannot fault the transaction or quality
benwade | 199$ | youtube: "Teaching Fast":
Fast and secured. He is an honest guy.
amine007 | 550$ | youtube: "Mr Quick":
Honest , reliable and trustworthy
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