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Welcome to my Accs account i am professional youtuber. i Sale Satisfaction. i have been working on YouTube since 2021 i am verified seller on this platform i am selling YouTube monetized or Non Monetize channels with 49 positive reviews, 92 deals through escrow agent with high rating 10 "Payment method Accepted" Crypto Transfer wise paypal Bank Transfer Advcash buy channels from my side, hope so deal will be happy

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Made 101 deals worth $10 515

Kraylt | 150$ | youtube: "Beauty Hub":
jojo339 | 89$ | youtube: "Beauty Tips":
This seller is a very nice person. She was very patient and understanding. She guided me through everything in acquiring my very first YT channel. Highly recommended!
flocko21z | 15$ | youtube: "Luxuary Point ":
longzuogg | 15$ | youtube: "Self Grooming Tips":
dpzsvao | 39$ | youtube: "The Inventors":
I've got channel, thanks!
Croff | 89$ | youtube: "History Events":
Everything's great! Thanks
fuofu | 70$ | youtube: "Ecome- Edge":
Great seller. Very understanding
Penelope | 99$ | youtube: " Animals & pets Lovers":
Positive experience
ismail20 | 80$ | youtube: "Luxury insider":
Thank you it was a good experience
Czar | 150$ | youtube: "Invinicble ":
Good and understanding guy, fast and responsible.
moneymanz123 | 99$ | youtube: "Online Earning":
Very professional seller. 5 stars!
dpzsvao | 88$ | youtube: "Fashion Hub":
Good seller - I've got perfect channel! thanks!
qsun99 | 80$ | youtube: "Beauty Hacks":
Great service, nice fast and easy!
hi1arity | 99$ | youtube: "Fashion & Style":
Amazing informative seller - made the process very streamlined. I highly recommend!
luckyviet | 100$ | youtube: "Health is Wealth":
Seller sold as described!
luckyviet | 109$ | youtube: "Do It Yourself ":
Seller sold as described!
Loki_86 | 106$ | youtube: "Health Point ":
She is incredibly friendly, kind and helpful. It was my first time ordering through this platform and she was very patient and always answered all my questions very sweetly and charmingly. It was really fun to work with her. Everything was wonderful. Will get more often with me what.
Loki_86 | 106$ | youtube: "Technology Daily life":
Perfekt and amazing friendly. she have tlak to me all time. again and again with pleasure
Joubei37 | 129$ | youtube: "Technical World":
I have bought two channels through this seller and will definitely use again soon. Communication with this seller is quick and responsive, and she are flexible and highly knowledgeable about the channels. They provided me all the necessary information, which assisted me in starting the transactions. The channels are monetized and in good standing, which is what you're looking for.
gaapllc | 129$ | youtube: "The Crickter":
I was comfortable buying a YT channel from VIP Seller because the Seller was transparent and courteous. The channel I bought was exactly what I needed and the transaction went smoothly.
Waz008 | 100$ | youtube: "Online Earning":
2nd time buying. nice seller with good communication throughout. Thanks
Petervarro | 129$ | youtube: "Health benefits of vegetables ":
Great seller. Very polite and helped with the transaction. Don’t hesitate dealing with her.
Kevweidimi | 129$ | youtube: "Games & Sports":
You have been amazing! hope to talk to you soon about future dealings
terrafeed | 129$ | youtube: "Healthy life":
Great service! Recommend!
dudirali | 119$ | youtube: "Health is Wealth":
Really good service! i got all the info on what to do in each step, and after the purchasing. and it was easy and satisfying.
zerocark | 120$ | youtube: "Beauty Hacks":
Really good seller. Polite and fast
meterantoine | 119$ | youtube: "Food Hub":
The seller is easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable about her channels. She also helped me begin the process by giving me the needed information. The channel looks healthy and monetized, knowing you can hit the ground running is always a plus.
terrafeed | 129$ | youtube: "Greate People":
Good service! Recommend!
Oladipo | 129$ | youtube: "E-commerce ideas":
Honest in her dealings.
Ashley786 | 105$ | youtube: "Science Explore":
Good experience!
Smeej | 129$ | youtube: "Fruit 🍓 Benefits":
Really nice and easy to communicate with. Made the whole process really easy and I would highly recommend it.
llmonroe5 | 140$ | youtube: "Human diseases":
Quick and easy transaction
fnwbrands | 170$ | youtube: "The Global World ":
Excellent seller good communication!
terrafeed | 179$ | youtube: "Makhdoom Creation ":
Trusted Seller! Recommend!
terrafeed | 135$ | youtube: "Social Issues":
Trusted Seller! Recommend!
terrafeed | 135$ | youtube: "Information Technology":
Trusted Seller! Recommend!
terrafeed | 130$ | youtube: "Social TechVids":
Trusted Seller! Recommend!
terrafeed | 135$ | youtube: "Scientific point":
Trusted Seller! Recommend!
fnwbrands | 135$ | youtube: "Tech Point":
Great seller, very prompt responses!
terrafeed | 139$ | youtube: "Earn money Online":
Trusted Seller! Recommend!
terrafeed | 139$ | youtube: "Human Psychology":
Trusted Seller! Recommend!
Billyb5 | 135$ | youtube: "Medical Info Cell":
Easy to work with
omidtabrizi | 130$ | youtube: "Tasty Bite & Life":
Price is expensive
travbar8 | 185$ | youtube: "Fatima's Official":
The seller is 100% legit. Very patient and cooperative. Very positive experience!
Waz008 | 135$ | youtube: "Happy Healthy Life":
Thank you. Smooth transaction, easy communication with seller. May do business again in future.
shan13 | 110$ | youtube: "Medical information":
Amazing and honest seller will continue doing deals with them
medel22 | 105$ | youtube: "scientific junction":
A good seller. the channel works as he promised and i am happy about it. sure i will reorder from this seller in the future. I highly recommend
fongaza104 | 155$ | youtube: "Health is Wealth":
VERY SATISFY,Good business
ubornG33 | 135$ | youtube: "Information about Bone":
Very good and simple business
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