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E-mail: [email protected]
Name: Prateek Srivastava
Phone number: +919264966907
Telegram: +919264966907

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Made 18 deals worth $3 407

jasonl | 220$ | youtube: "Gaming universe":
Responsive and positive seller.
xX-Marson-Xx | 120$ | youtube: "PaintOne":
Very good person . thanks for good and comfortable deal. good luck. i reccomend him for channels
oscool | 320$ | youtube: "A M S Gaming":
This is a very patient seller, we had a great time working together, great!
Endermen | 100$ | youtube: "Channel EnderGames":
kajhshdht | 200$ | youtube: "DEsi Sha fff":
Great seller, you can trust him for sure
Sinister6ix | 80$ | youtube: "Anime Shorts Vibe":
Best buyer.. Very co-operative and understanding.. Will deal with him any day any time
stillalive | 165$ | youtube: "Gaming Tour":
One of the best sellers! pleasant transaction, thanks! A+
Obito171 | 200$ | youtube: "Gaming Zone":
Great guy, trustworthy and fast response! Buy from him if you are looking for homegrown, legit youtube channel.
mmark | 220$ | youtube: "Generic Arms":
Great seller would recommend
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