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Name: Evgeny Melnikov
Phone number: +12108164361
Skype: One of the best prices, everything is reliable, I only accept payments to a crypto wallet, and payeer usd
Telegram: @flopys21

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Made 11 deals worth $595

vampirletsgo | 60$ | youtube: " All about nature":
Nice !
vampirletsgo | 100$ | youtube: "Amazing Stories":
Nice !
vampirletsgo | 35$ | youtube: "Vesemir":
Nice !
jgt | 55$ | youtube: "Good guy":
decipherer | 55$ | youtube: " Positive dude":
Much love from FLOP(. SO LEGIT and a great negotiator. I believe him even without escrow
206king | 90$ | youtube: " Racing Expert":
My experience buying a channel was very pleasant! Replies fast will answer all your questions . Buying a channel went very smooth! Five star service! I received my channel after seven days!
Mufasa | 50$ | youtube: "Bard s tales":
Updated: The transaction was very fair however the YouTube channel I purchase got deleted by YouTube suggesting that it violated guidelines. I didn't do any activity in that one week so I am assuming the ban was due to the way channel was setup or how the growth happened. Of Couse YouTube algorithm can cause delay in action of when the ban takes place vs the activity the caused the ban. Original: The communication was very open. The seller answered all the question and the transaction was very
naeemgul4 | 30$ | youtube: "BAZZ2":
Nice man
manseok | 50$ | youtube: "Берлога А4":
He was very kind and punctual the transaction, and he had a good attitude. A person I want to trade with again in the future.
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