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E-mail: [email protected]
Name: Join my telegram channel where you can buy monetized and non-monetized channels from the original ow
Phone number: More channels you can see in my telegram channel
Skype: Instagram
Telegram: +79281393728 @SellerBigMoney

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Made 65 deals worth $9 172

jovial | 599$ | youtube: "Ming":
Everything went well.
Heicar | 549$ | youtube: "QosLike":
Excellent seller, really cares about gives the best service. Thank you!
makar11 | 29$ | youtube: "BeKa♡":
Everything ran smoothly, nice service and good seller
frankchateau | 299$ | youtube: "Tomas":
Very good seller. Everything went perfectly. I will be back to buy a new channel for sure.
nikolas2693 | 23$ | youtube: "Sako":
Nice having a good transaction
Thisen | 23$ | youtube: "Fortnite":
Everything ran smoothly. Legit seller.
MadsDK | 339$ | youtube: "BERSERK":
A very good seller! He made me feel comfortable with the deal and even offered to give me the original email for the youtube channel. You can 100% trust this seller!
hulowayu | 299$ | youtube: "TaeHyung":
Good Seller Fast Transaction!!
gagalaxy | 29$ | youtube: "Fofiger":
Usually I don't write reviews but this Time I really want to. This Seller is really kind, despite having communication problems at the beginning he helped me with a lot of steps (because I am new here). He also gave me a discount because I accidentally gave him $2 less than he wanted originally, but this was fine for him. He was very nice, and the Pricing is also reasonable. I like his Service
tjokkie | 219$ | youtube: "Kirya":
Amazing service bro, thank you for the help and honesty my friend, anyone looking for a channel buy from this guy NOW he is awsome.......
Steen | 59$ | youtube: "YouVin":
Very nice
ayubkha521 | 59$ | youtube: "Karm":
Good Work, thank you
masterdz | 300$ | youtube: "Пушистик Нэрвин":
Good seller
Hela | 15$ | youtube: "REX":
No problem. Everything worked perfect. Thank you
DarIXo | 19$ | youtube: "Kevin Samp":
Everything is fine
blues74 | 129$ | youtube: "SiMorz":
Good seller
DarIXo | 12$ | youtube: "DenGame":
Everything is fine :)
kobiko88 | 280$ | youtube: "Panda":
Very Good Seller excellent service :)
k18acc2 | 55$ | youtube: "Crypto":
Smooth transaction, Hope I will be doing more soon.
kobiko88 | 39$ | youtube: "OneFireTM":
Good deal Thank you very much friend :)
ken | 49$ | youtube: "DARFI":
He will convince you to buy channel directly from him and not through the Escrow BEWARE you have to beg him to do for you anything. He did not link my channel to my email something that escrow does easily and kept calling me a fool for just $49. I would never leave bad reviews but I did because he called he EDIOT and used F language. ACCS-MARKET IS THE MOST SAFE PLACE TO BUY CHANNEL NEVER BE SWAYED TO TRADE OUT OF THIS CHANNEL AND ENCOUNTER RUDE PEOPLE LIKE "BigMoney"
Fake | 77$ | youtube: "StreamX ϟ":
Good Seller
RAGEGOD | 610$ | youtube: "Bonjour Minecraft":
wowanjd | 40$ | youtube: "Fanly":
bulgaru94 | 69$ | youtube: "KempPlay":
Good seller!
Thalawattage | 280$ | youtube: "Include":
Trusted seller. Patient and good to do business with...
1026973451 | 40$ | youtube: "Biko":
1026973451 | 200$ | youtube: "TheGoodPlayer":
Franky | 10$ | youtube: "Pikachu Channel":
Good seller
smm91 | 59$ | youtube: "Zoomer - Brawl stars":
I recommend this channel to everyone!
Franky | 39$ | youtube: "Diam":
Good item
M0NK3Y | 55$ | youtube: "Great Poko":
Great seller, thank you!
superyoub | 20$ | youtube: "Mountine":
thanks again
superyoub | 15$ | youtube: "Berwick":
Good seller! thanks
blade | 320$ | youtube: "DONHAY TOP5":
Great service
Franky | 49$ | youtube: "60.000 HOURS OF VIEWING":
Thanks bro
Franky | 15$ | youtube: "AndrewPlay":
Thanks i got the channel
smm91 | 15$ | youtube: "MegaBrawler":
Legit seller! I definitely recommend to buy from BigMoney!
g4mbler1 | 15$ | youtube: "Леон":
Quick and easy transaction.
Herbert | 10$ | youtube: "Night Brawl Stars":
A very friendly and helpful seller. Will buy again
marouanrahal | 6$ | youtube: "Greenwixxx":
Good men and great service
Your | 7$ | youtube: "Mokoloko":
Was very willing to work with and was helpful in selling the account.
superyoub | 15$ | youtube: "Draze":
Trusted thanks
superyoub | 20$ | youtube: "Follen":
Thanks.. trusted seller
Nerdytheplug | 7$ | youtube: "Просто Рем":
This dude was cool and chill i got everything that i wanted thanks again will refer a friend to this dude
Manu6606 | 35$ | youtube: "КОСМОС FREE-FIRE":
Seller is genuine ..and there is no scam involved ,transferred ownership upon payment.
superyoub | 15$ | youtube: "_ SOWER _":
Thanks.. trusted seller
Ryoshi | 20$ | youtube: "Майнкрафтер Август":
Amazing dude, very nice and understanding
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