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2 440 000 — subscribers

$300 — income (month)

$0 — expense (month)

$ 4 500


Good day, everyone! My name is Jack and I am one of the biggest sellers of YouTube channels. I have more than two years of experience in this field, so I can tell you which channel is right for you! More than 1000 positive feedbacks let you know that i will do everything for you to leave another one. Today I want to introduce you to a HUGE channel with an audience of as many as 2,400,000 subscribers. The channel also supports monetization, which makes it even more fantastic. The channel is built on the “Interesting Facts” video format. The content was both varied and interesting at the same time. That is why viewers stayed on the channel for a long time. Thanks to hard work, the author was able to achieve such a huge result. If you continue to run the channel at the same pace, you can achieve even more!

🎥 Channel "ТУТ ВИДОС" main statistics:
• Subscribers: 2 460 000
• Total views: 274 507 499
• Views in 48 hours: 102 000
• Top geographies: Russia 57%
• Verification mark: Yes
The rest of the stats are attached to the lot.

Based on the statistical analysis, it's evident that the channel is completely organic, and its audience will remain active in the long run. Leveraging this channel can yield substantial assets for your purposes. Offering the flexibility to modify its theme, this channel empowers you to curate content that resonates with your vision. Its audience is meticulously cultivated to expand progressively, fostering continuous growth. Specifically optimized for content formats, it accommodates slices spanning across diverse genres such as soccer matches, children's cartoons, streaming, and beyond.

💰Accepting payment ONLY BY Cryptocurrency (all networks) or PayPal (only Friends & Family transfer or Western Union
🩸Blood is Rebel

Monetization enabled: no

Ways of promotion: The channels that I provide were promoted exclusively organically. All statistics are real and will bear fruit in the future. Due to the fact that their pre-eminent owners put a lot of hard work into content development the result is so great.

Sources of expense: The content of the channels is built so that you don't need to spend money to maintain them. The more time you invest on their maintenance the more you get the asset in the end.

Sources of income: There are many ways in which you can monetize your creativity. The first and most important if the channel is connected monetization. If not, you have the opportunity to sell advertising on the channels or insert watermark different companies and receive a solid payment for views.

To support the channel, you need: That your channel would bring a great asset you need to invest in it strength and labor. Investing time to work on your channel is the best way to maintain it.

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