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Hello USA

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18 200 — subscribers

$0 — income (month)

$0 — expense (month)

$ 125


18,400 Subscribers.✅
English Audience 🇺🇸
Full Active Channel.✅

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Payment in CRYPTO 💰 Only

✅ Monetization can be enabled

✅No Community guideline strike or Copyright

How to purchase ?

Kindly please click BUY BUTTON and enter your email then select your preferred payment option and "SEND" request to purchase

📈 Key Metrics as , 2024:
- Subscriber Count: 18400 ✅
- Total Views: 45,00000 ✅
- Watch Time: 27,200 ✅
- Impressions: 1,45,000 ✅ (90% via YouTube Recommendations);
- Click-Through Rate: 4.2M✅
- Average View Duration:1 minutes.✅

🥇 Top Features of the Channel:
- The most paying audience in the world, which will help you get a huge income;
- Strong subscriber base of over 18,400✅
- High natural viewership and watch time, free from synthetic enhancements;✅
- Enabled streaming feature, broadening the range of content delivery;✅
- All content is fully copyrighted, ensuring originality and superior quality.

👥 Audience Demographics:
- Majority viewership from the INDIA(54.1), with significant viewers in BRAZIL And USA 🇺🇸 ✅
- Predominantly male audience (74.1%), with a considerable female presence (26.8%) ✅

We have been selling YouTube channels for more than 1 YEAR and we have made more successful deals, more than $3000 and received many positive reviews, we will be able to choose a channel especially for you from our large assortment and you will receive a quality channel and 24/7 support!

Monetization enabled: no

Ways of promotion: ORGANIC

Sources of expense: NO EXPENSES

Sources of income: ADSENSE

To support the channel, you need: GOOD VIDEOS

Content: Unique content

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