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Top Sounds

Movies & Music |

1 420 000 — subscribers

$0 — income (month)

$0 — expense (month)

$ 6 000



1- Channel have got 1.4m Organic Subs and there is no Warning or Strike. Longer Videos. 300m views.
2- Good to start a new project. Can be rebranded. Country can be changed. Name can be changed.
3- It can be Verified on Client’s Name if required.
4- Crypto as payment. In extreme case, Wise/Wire/Payoneer/Skrill.
5- All history screenshots uploaded.
6- Have more 1m-5m subs accounts if higher Subs is the requirement.

Please note that I have sold over 400 accounts with 100,000+ subscribers on major forums and has over 30 additional channels for sale at the moment. I have a documented history spanning five years on these forums. If you require more information, please contact me via private message.

12 plus more 1m Subs channels available for sale. Inbox of skype for more options.

SCAMMERS should stay away.


Monetization enabled: no

Ways of promotion: Organic

Sources of expense: not provided

Sources of income: not provided

To support the channel, you need: Time and work

Content: Not unique content

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