Youtube channel "StarFlix" for sale
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5 590 — subscribers

$150 — income (month)

$100 — expense (month)

$ 1 999


Just 3 months old. Already monetize. Almost 5600 subscribers.
Celebrity New Channel !
25$ creating one video !!
No paid ads.
Don't have time to take care of this channel. Owner of other channels and it takes a lot of time.

Monetization enabled: not provided

Ways of promotion: No paid promotion.Reddit and Facebook group.

Sources of expense: Around 25$ creating one video. We can give you all our tips and recommand our video editor and everythins else (script, rewrite, thumbnail artists).We can help you (optional) for a year with the channel (questions, recommandations, manage the channel).

Sources of income: For now, incomes are around 150$ per month.

To support the channel, you need: invest around 25$ per video.

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