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Crypto Geek

Educational & QA |

2 440 000 — subscribers

$0 — income (month)

$0 — expense (month)

$ 7 700


For Sale: Crypto Name Verified YouTube Channel with a Substantial Subscriber Base

This YouTube channel has a massive subscriber base of 2.4 million and is currently monetized and verified. It can be reverified under the names of Crypto/NFT/Business/Finance/Real Estate, and is currently verified under the best Crypto name, making it ideal for any new Crypto project. Although the channel was not originally in the Crypto niche when it was created, it was later rebranded and reverified under the best Crypto name.

Upon request from the client, the account can be rebranded, reverified, and customized for any other niche. Additionally, there are currently no active warnings or strikes associated with the channel.

This channel is an excellent starting point for a new project. You can keep old videos private and start uploading your own content with a new verified name that aligns with your chosen niche. Furthermore, the channel's location/country can be changed.

Payment for this channel can be made in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, USDT, CRYPTOS, BUSD, USDC, ETH, or, in exceptional cases, via wire transfer. Relevant screenshots are available for reference.

Please note that I have sold over 400 accounts with 100,000+ subscribers on major forums and has more than 30 additional channels available for purchase. I have a documented history spanning five years on these forums. If you need more information, please contact the seller via private message.

SCAMMERS should stay away. You will only waste your time as well as mine.

Serious buyers only, please.

Monetization enabled: not provided

Ways of promotion: Organic

Sources of expense: -

Sources of income: -

To support the channel, you need: -

Content: Unique content

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