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Sponge FNF

Educational & QA |

1 080 — subscribers

$40 — income (month)

$0 — expense (month)

$ 149


1K subs monetized channel, large views and great potential for high income and views.
AdSense can be linked after 32 days (October 24)

The videos on the channel are doing very well, which means that your future videos will be doing the same. All traffic is organic, the channel was promoted without buying ads (not botted).
TOP 3 countries in channel traffic: United States, Russia, Brazil.

High views on all videos (more 330K total views), the channel has been developing even without uploading videos (total 43 videos). Ideal for upload your own content or streaming. This channel will contribute to your promotion, and therefore earnings.

No strikes, violations and etc, original email can be include (if payment first).

I have a very high rating on this site and have been selling channels for 2 years now, and during this time I have not received a single negative review. I accept payment in Crypto (if deal throw Escrow or Directly), PayPal (only if Directly deal), Payeer (both of deals).

For more information check screenshots to your right -->, PM me on the site or telegram @dobrovolsky_inc

Monetization enabled: yes

Ways of promotion: The channel was developed with the help of YouTube recommendations. The most popular video - 105K views. The total number of views on the channel is 330K.

Sources of expense: No expenses.

Sources of income: Sale of advertising.

To support the channel, you need: Communication with the audience, any activity on the channel.

Content: Unique content

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