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Crypto Chimp

Luxury & Motivation |

14 600 — subscribers

$2 874 — income (month)

$50 — expense (month)

$ 5 000


Start Earning Immediately!
High Potential Organic Growth Channel in the Financial Crypto Niche.

Channel is about Shiba Inu $SHIB, One of the most popular crypto assets in the space.

#1 USA Audience

New Shiba Videos, Aprox 2k-12k Views when they are high quality.

Only expense is 50usd Per Month for 24/7 Live Stream. (Optional)

I will Share Future Plans to Gain More Views and Make this Channel a $10k - $20k per Month Channel!

I will Transfer all my secrets, future plans, and current Live Stream Assets.
Best Investment of 2022, Don't Miss Out!

Monetization enabled: yes

Ways of promotion: Organic Growth Facebook Groups - Shiba Inu Groups

Sources of expense: 24/7 Live Stream (Optional)

Sources of income: YouTube Ads - YouTube Donations - Super Chats - Super Stickers - Memberships - 35 members currently

To support the channel, you need: Live Stream is recommended but not necessary - Upload Shiba Inu Videos to Increase Revenue

Content: Unique content

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joshau12 4 months ago

in one whole year the channel made less then 3k and you expect 24k for this channel? are you day dreaming?????

Chimp 3 months ago

joshau12, What is a reasonable price. I am open to Negotiate.
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