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Made 104 deals worth $17 527

Underman | 79$ | youtube: "Online Tutor":
Great seller, will buy again.
diamoc | 80$ | youtube: "Learning Point":
Great seller with patience! Highly recommended. I will buy again for sure.
DenBoef | 50$ | youtube: "Tech Poll":
Good service. And an nice yt-channel. Thx for the help
polks | 160$ | youtube: "Mega Tech":
Everything went without a problem. Thank you.
Options | 140$ | youtube: "Tech Ultra":
Very cooperative, helpful, and hard working. I put him through the wringer and he maintained a professional attitude all throughout our transactions. Thank you.
BigMoe32 | 130$ | youtube: "Today Talk":
Everything went well, the transaction was smooth.
benjilaw | 140$ | youtube: "Tech Point":
The seller is very helpful, going throught the account transfer process.
adaptive | 160$ | youtube: "Tech Point":
The seller was very professional and they helped me with the process.
Lucky3000 | 650$ | youtube: "Speedy World":
Strangerboy is an excellent seller and very responsive! Great service and would recommend
Ostappppppas | 180$ | youtube: "Daily Speak":
everything went well
Mishanya | 170$ | youtube: "The Tech World":
Everything is good.
Mishanya | 170$ | youtube: "Smart Skills":
Everything is good
bentoelias | 180$ | youtube: "Learning Point":
Communicative and responsive.
VaniaRybakov | 170$ | youtube: "WD Series":
Everything is fine. Good channel.
Mishanya | 170$ | youtube: "Get Skills":
Good service and seller!
Theodosius | 170$ | youtube: "Skills Online":
Cool seller. Always responds on time. I will continue to take channels from him
armi111 | 170$ | youtube: "Tech Time":
Satisfied by the deal
svendesch | 150$ | youtube: "How To Teach":
Top Seller! I will order again
Mantej_walia | 200$ | youtube: "Car Action":
Strangerboy, this buddy from Pakistan is such a nice person and I purchased two channels from him so far! I was skeptical in the beginning no doubt but he is the most transparent guy here! I will love to do more business with him soon. Thanks again bud!!!!
Trader888 | 140$ | youtube: "TA Highlights":
5 Star Seller, very reliable, thanks! A+++++
Trader888 | 170$ | youtube: "Business 4 U":
Excellent! would deal with again! A+++++
Trader888 | 170$ | youtube: "Asim Ali":
Pleasure to deal with, highly recommended! thanks! A+++++
Trader888 | 170$ | youtube: "Amar Technical":
One of the best sellers to deal with, thanks! A++++++++
Robert55337 | 170$ | youtube: "Online Learning":
Trader888 | 160$ | youtube: "Learn POS ":
Very good seller, nice guy to deal with, thanks!! A+++++
Trader888 | 160$ | youtube: "Online Skills":
Nice guy to deal with, highly recommended! thank you A++++++++
Trader888 | 170$ | youtube: "Let's Learn":
Nice Seller with great channels, would deal with again, thanks! A++++++++
reddittales | 160$ | youtube: "Viral Tech":
Fast quick and easy to buy from
rezaham | 190$ | youtube: "Pro Skills":
With this seller, you make your worst purchase. Its channels are falsely monitored. He is a liar and a swindler.
Papsy | 200$ | youtube: "Something 3D":
Seller was professional and very prompt. I am indeed happy with his service and will use him again in the future.
Waris777 | 190$ | youtube: "Grammar Skills":
Very professional, genuine and down to earth guy....Enjoyed working with him...Thanks Ali
Nouinou67859 | 170$ | youtube: "Pink Box":
this is amazing seller he was patient with me recommend
Seanbayt | 190$ | youtube: "Life Learning":
Great seller ?? easy to work with and very professional ?
nsr678 | 180$ | youtube: "How to Learn":
Nice experience
oddkh | 160$ | youtube: "Let's CC3":
Good and understandable
naninaninani | 190$ | youtube: "Hmara Craft":
Great seller, patient and honest . Will buy again.
nsr678 | 190$ | youtube: "Adobe Box":
catatm | 190$ | youtube: "GD TV":
Good seller happy i made a deal with him
fraishms | 170$ | youtube: "Math is Easy":
Good seller to deal with. Thank you.
subbun | 190$ | youtube: "Technical Amir":
Communication is best. Value added to provided channel. work again !.
OmdaAd | 180$ | youtube: "Delin Hawk":
Good and patient seller second time making business with him
Shabzy01 | 180$ | youtube: "3D Master":
Great service and very straightforward. Would recomend
lnajmon | 180$ | youtube: "Max Fans":
Good seller. thank you.
Trader888 | 160$ | youtube: "Gates Concept":
Very reliable seller, would deal with again, thanks! A+++
Trader888 | 160$ | youtube: "OOP Tutor":
Great seller, highly recommended, pleasant transaction, thanks! A+++
chegyy | 150$ | youtube: "PS Skills":
Smooth transaction - very happy. Thank you
yajmislauj | 500$ | youtube: "Win A Heart":
Very friendly and easy to work with.
Rcloud | 130$ | youtube: "JW Max":
Good seller
Rcloud | 130$ | youtube: "KK Tools":
Nice quality
Rcloud | 140$ | youtube: "Angela Gamer":
Good seller
ytgrwth | 150$ | youtube: "How To PS":
This seller was great, the page was everything it was supposed to be and I am very happy with the purchase!
Thomde | 170$ | youtube: "3D Trend":
He is really a good and trusted seller and i love his service and also his channel, i will choose him if I will purchase any channel in the future. thanks for your service bro!
OmdaAd | 150$ | youtube: "Learning Place":
Good seller happy i made a deal with him
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